Festival Ground Rules

Working together, we can all do a few small things that help make the festival enjoyable for everyone. Please read carefully and plan accordingly.

Please show your support and appreciation by dropping a suggested donation of $20 a day per person and $25 per family when the buckets are near. This will ensure that we can continue to offer this festival without admission for all into the future. 

Please, don’t bring your pets to the festival. We LOVE your pets as much as our own pets. However, the large crowds don’t mix with animals, whether on leashes or not, and the many unpleasant encounters we have experienced in previous years have borne this out. Animal control will be on hand to enforce the local ordinance that prohibits pets from the festival grounds so please make arrangements for their comfort elsewhere while you attend the festival. 

Please, no smoking in the audience or near the performance or audience areas. Never smoke in or near any tents or food facilities. If you have to smoke, please light up as far away from others as you can get. 

When coming to the festival please take full advantage of festival parking lots and buses. That “perfect spot” you found two blocks from the Original probably blocks a homeowner from parking or could hamper efforts of rescue workers. Please park responsibly and if possible share a ride with friends and use the Festival Parking facilities at the Civic Center. 

Please, travel light. Please leave your backpacks, bags, totes, and coolers at home. Also, for security and safety reasons, never leave a bag/package unattended; it will be removed by a vigilant volunteer.

Please leave your high-backed chairs at home so the people behind you can enjoy the show.

Please recycle. We have Blue trash bins throughout the site to take your plastic bottles and aluminum cans. Please use them for recycling only. The Red trash cans are for garbage. Our volunteers work very hard to empty cans quickly. At the end of a performance, please carry out what you brought in. 

Please switch your cell phone to silent mode or vibrate in the audience and performance areas. 

Overall, please be respectful of your fellow audience members, the volunteers, and the performers, the volunteers, and the performers.

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