Bruce D. Weber

Mandolin - Montana Lutherie

Manhattan, Montana

Bruce Weber started building mandolins with Flatiron Mandolin Company in 1987 located in Bozeman, Montana.  Flatiron was bought by Gibson Guitar and Bruce worked on mandolins and guitars for several years culminating as General Manager of the Gibson/Flatiron Division in Belgrade, Montana.  In 1997 he started his own lutherie, Weber Fine Acoustic Instruments, where many fine mandolins, mandolas, octave, mandocellos, archtop guitars, and reso-phonic guitars were made.  Bruce sold Weber Instruments in 2012 to get more bench time and is now operating under the name Montana Lutherie, still located in the Old Logan School House in Montana, which housed Weber Acoustic Instruments.

Bruce is performing repairs, maintenance and customization on all brands of mandolin family instruments until March of 2018 when his new line of instruments will be unveiled.  Thirty years of experience allows Bruce to see and determine the correct course of a repair or customization.  This enables a good estimate of the time it will take ensuring you, the player will be thrilled with the outcome.  In addition, you can rely on his long-time reputation for reliability and friendly service.  He loves everything about mandolins- including the players.

Players are always happy (and sometimes surprised) how a simple tune up (tweaking the nut, bridge, truss rod, and frets) can substantially improve their instrument’s tone and playability.  Also, remember you can personalize your mandolin with Custom Inlay from a simple Truss Rod Cover, Fingerboard Addition, or even Peg Head Design.  The website MontanaLutherie.Com is in the works and will soon be going live.  There you will be able to check out the MAC Inspection Program and Mandolin Authority Club he is instituting to encourage and assist you in getting the best out your mandolin.  Don't hesitate to contact Bruce to talk over your instrument:  

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