Clinton Fearon and the Boogie Brown Band



Clinton Fearon is one of Jamaica's most talented Reggae musicians. His infectious bass lines, guitar licks, percussion accents and powerful vocals make Clinton Fearon a living legend among reggae musicians and fans. Clinton Fearon was born in St. Andrew, close to Kingston in Jamaica, but he grew up deep in the hills of St. Catherine. 

He left the countryside to live with his mother in Kingston when he was 16. He found a construction job helping to build roads in Kingston but music was his goal and, at 17, Clinton formed his first group called The Brothers. They were looking for opportunities to play around Studio One and Treasure Isle, the two main gathering places for musicians in those times. In 1969, the Gladiators already had their first hit with Hello Carol. They were looking for another vocalist to replace David Webber, who left shortly before. Clinton met Albert Griffiths, the original founder of the group, and became the third Gladiator at the age of 19 and remained a member for 18 years.

The Gladiators helped build an important part of reggae music’s foundation and was one of its best ambassadors worldwide. They were the first reggae group to play in Morocco, in 1982. In 1987, after The Gladiators ended a tour in the U.S., the musicians had time left on their visas and some decided to stay, in order to make a little extra money before flying back to Jamaica. They created a group called The Defenders and the group set its base in Seattle, Washington.   In 1990, Clinton Fearon released his first compilation of original songs with The Defenders, Feel The Spirit. 

After five years together, the band split and Clinton stayed in Seattle.   In 1994 he founded the Boogie Brown band and in 1995 he released the album Disturb The Devil, a collection of 13 songs that he wrote and produced. Mystic Whisper, released in 1997, was immediately ranked the #1 album by Reggae Vibes/CRM Radio 102.7 FM in Europe and selected the #2 independent U.S. release by international magazine Reggae Report. With pure roots reggae, great melodies and soulful delivery, the album showed Clinton Fearon’s versatility as much as a variety of themes in the sweet style that has become his signature.

In 2012, Clinton Fearon released his second acoustic album Heart And Soul. In 2014, Clinton Fearon released his 10th self-produced album entitled Goodness. 

Each song of Clinton Fearon is a strong message coming from the heart of a man who dedicates his life to help a better world to come. “ My music is roots reggae from the island of Jamaica. I grew up deep in the hills, up in St. Catherine, surrounded by nature, beauty, and hard work. Even as a child, I knew I wanted to be a musician and began my career singing in church and at school and eventually built my own guitar! As a teenager, my journeys took me to Kingston where I met many musicians and began writing and recording music. The Skatalites, Motown artists and Jamaican musicians who came before me all influenced my music.


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