Dan Pudelko

Violin Maker | Plains, Montana

FiddleStix evolved from a wood reclamation habit that grew to take on a life of its own. Every day in our cities and towns, many mature trees are removed and destroyed. With great effort across nearly 20 years, a system of finding, lifting, transporting, saw milling, stacking, and stockpiling wood is now ready and the fun has begun. 

The home base of FiddleStix is located outside Plains, MT. The facility is made from stone and timber harvested on the property which is about 94 acres and over 1000 ft. tall, with a small castle being constructed in the future. 

After making buildings, bridges, barns, and furnishings of all sorts, the decision to create original musical instruments was made, and a five-year detailed study of Ukuleles, Violins, and Guitars was started. 

Prototyping and testing were completed in March 2017 and a limited annual production begins Oct. 1st, 2017! 

This years’ displays will be at the Folk Life Festival in Butte and the River City Roots Festival in Missoula. Some Instruments are for sale this year to help raise the capital for a smooth transition to production.

FiddleStix extends an invitation to all who would like to come see and hear unique instruments and appreciates those who have looked at, listened to, and played them. 

If you can’t visit us live, please visit our website at Fiddlestix-mt.com and check out a unique approach to music “from stump to string.”

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