Dr. George Price

University of Montana 

Missoula, MT

George Price lives with his wife, Barbara, and their son, Noah, on their 5-acre permaculture farm on the Flathead Indian Reservation, north of Missoula, Montana. He is an American of several diverse ethnic and cultural ancestries (including Assonet Wampanoag, Massachuset, Choctaw, African, French, and Scottish) who has explored human identity issues for all of his life, both personally and professionally. Since 2012, he now prioritizes the defense of Mama Earth and all species therein above all other interests.

His field of study at the University of Montana is the story of early American intercultural relations;  His educational background includes 

Ph. D., Interdisciplinary Studies, concentration in colonial and antebellum African American     and Native American history, University of Montana, 2006

M.A. History, University of Montana, 1996

B.A. University of Oregon, 1981

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