Electrifying Crown Seekers


The Electrifying Crown Seekers was established in 1965 by founding member James Williams, Sr.  Throughout the years, the Crown Seekers have traveled the United States and abroad singing the Praises of the Lord and most recently at the New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival in April.
Over the years they have been blessed to record 45s, LPs, and CDs: "He'll Say Well Done," "Salvation is Free," Every Day I Wake Up Is A Good Day," No Time To Lose," Thank God For Saving Me," and "Keep Praying."

Originally from Liberty, Mississippi and trained in Jimmy Reed-style blues guitar, James Williams is now the only original member of the 49-year-old Crown Seekers, currently backed by members of his large musical family and their community. Two of Williams’ sons, 19 years apart, have played drums for the Crown Seekers. “My father used to run me out of the house when I was trying to play the guitar,” remembers Williams. “When I got good? He used to brag on me so much and bring his friends around to hear me play. So when both of my sons started banging on pots, I got ‘em drums, I never ran my kids out. I always defended them and their noise. And they got good!” 46-year-old Brent Williams, a resident of Austin Texas, left the band years ago for the military & a corporate career, handing over duties to now 26-year-old Keith Williams. When Keith can’t make the service, their 16-year-old nephew Lee Murphy, Jr. mans the Crown Seekers’ drum kit.




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