Gary Small and One Earth Band

Northern Cheyenne

Folklife Area

Small is an accomplished guitarist and vocalist, raised in the wilds of Montana and Wyoming

Small is a member of the Northern Cheyenne Tribe whose reservation resides in remote Southeast Montana to the east of the Little Bighorn Battlefield. Small takes great pride in his heritage and talks of his roots proudly and with confidence. 

For 15 years Small led the Portland Oregon based group The Gary Small Band, a roots rock group of outstanding musicians whose percussion section members include Graham Lear, former drummer of Santana, and former Joe Cocker percussionist, Bobby Torres. Small led this all-star group through myriad music styles of afro-Cuban, reggae, roots rock, and blues. One music critic summed it up:

"...Small's guitar playing so reminiscent of Carlos Santana it's stunning. In fact it wouldn't be unfair to say Small could become the Santana of Native American music-translating his history through myriad musical forms in a way that speaks on several levels."  - John Graham, Willamette Week, July 18th, 2001


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