Linwood Tall Bull

Cheyenne Plant Traditions/Ethnobotany

Lame Deer, Montana

Linwood Tall Bull is a member of the Northern Cheyenne tribe living on the Northern Cheyenne reservation in Lame Deer, Montana.  As a child, Linwood’s father William Tall Bull would help his blind grandmother to gather many different plants, some of which were used to treat cancer.  William then taught his son all he had learned.  

“In the Cheyenne tradition, plants and everything in the environment have life, which the Creator put here to help us; each living thing has a purpose and a story.  If we listen closely and treat all living beings with respect we too, can hear the stories.  I like to pick plants because they don’t argue with me and they talk with me,” Linwood says. 

Linwood is a headsman of the Dog Soldier society, a traditional (military) society of the Northern Cheyenne, and also the tribal historian, and a cultural consultant.  He has presented many keynote speeches, workshops, and seminars in the areas of oral traditions and healing, ethnobotany, traditional healing in a modern setting, and holistic elder care.  His experience is comprised of health related professions, which include diabetes training, native healing, foot care, community health, and developing training for medical personnel in traditional healing and ways to incorporate it into care of Native patients.  He also teaches at the community college level, speaks to a variety of audiences, from K-12 students to teachers, university personnel, tribal organizations, youth organizations, and at cultural and historic events throughout the US, and has provided training in traditional healing and holistic elder care for local, state, and federal agencies.    

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