Montana Folklife Area

Celebrate the rich, living heritage of Montana and the West.

In 2013, folklife demonstrations, displays, exhibits, performances and narrative presentations explored the theme -- Gathering at the Headwaters: The Influence of the Confluence of Rivers and Riparian Lifeways in Montana and the Mountain West.

This summer's Montana Folk Festival put rivers and their influence on our history and heritage on stage. Rivers have been central to human existence and prosperity in this region for well over 10,000 years. Attendees were able to explore demonstrations of skills and trades related to riparian lifeways including canoe making, trap making, fishing equipment and other criticals tool related to living with rivers.

Demonstrators will interpret the importance of skills and tools and occupations related to riparian lifeways  in Montana and the West down through the years.  Check back soon to see the theme for 2014's Montana Folklife Area. 


Meet the Artists

MaryAnn Bonjorni, James Clayborn, Olivia Everett, Monte Dolack, Glenn Bodish

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