Sean Kochel

Kochel Guitars


Sean Kochel, a Montana native, started building guitars back in 2005.  Sean has always used his Montana background to help influence his style and aesthetic.  He gained an appreciation for stringed instruments as small child. His grandfather John Blaskovich, who brought and played his tamburitza’s from Croatia to Anaconda, introduced Sean to stringed instruments.  That early influence led Sean to start his own guitar business. 

Kochel Guitars are handcrafted, roots blues guitars made from reclaimed materials sourced in Montana. Sean uses antique wood from barns, homesteads, and a number of other sources to create the unique and one-of a-kind look of each guitar.  An important process for Sean is in preserving the history of each piece of wood, while giving it a new life. These treasured guitars are steeped in history along with an American folk tradition.

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