Young Spirit

Native American Drum Group



Young Spirit is a Cree drum group from Frog Lake, Alberta in Canada. Originally formed as a group of friends who wished to represent their Western Canadian Plains Cree culture, Young Spirit is a proud voice of real soul music.

The Drum is from Frog Lake, Alberta but the group features singers from all over Alberta, Saskatchewan, BC, Arizona, and California.

Their goal as a drum group is to encourage young spirits to take their culture and traditions and embrace all of its power for future generations.

Young Spirit was formed in the summer of 2001 at a Pow-wow in Hobbema, Alberta. Since then, Young Spirit Singers have traveled all over North America bringing that Cree sound to many powwows and other celebrations.

In 2013 they were judged as the Champions of Northern Singing at the Gathering of the Nations in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

They continue to create new music and are looking forward to many years of singing for future generations.

To all of their 2017 audiences in Montana and elsewhere they say "Hi hi nanaskomon kakiyo" (thank you, everyone, from the bottom of our hearts). 


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