Family Area.

During the Montana Folk Festival, special attention is given to providing engaging and educational performances and hands-on activities for children and youth.

This year, the Family Area was made possible through the generous sponsorship of Montana Chevrolet and Wayne Sterns Butte GM Auto Center and coordinated by The Science Mine.

Sound is all around us, whether it be the morning traffic commute to work and school or what we listen to on the radio. Melodies find their way into tools we use every day, such as spoons, straws, and even Slinkys. Instruments like guitars can create beautiful music, while air horns and noisemakers find their way into what irks us most.

Interactive activities in this year’s Family Area ranged from learning about sound waves themselves and how sound waves differ from other types of waves to how different sounds are produced and making actual instruments.

Attendees were able to make miniature guitars, pan flutes, and noise makers to take home.

Children and their families, and any other individuals interested in science are invited to employ their curiosity to explore the unknown of sounds. Visitors will be guided through miniature experiments and will be able to test out theories of their own design. Can trash be transformed into a musical instrument? Can we create the light saber sound effect from Star Wars?

How else is sound created? All these questions and more were explored by visitors to the Family Area coordinated by The Science Mine.

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